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8 Weeks to 7th Grade

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Beta Club


Jr. Beta Club Officers for the 2023-2024 School Year



What is it? Achievement, Leadership, and Service Organization
What do we do? Activities involving school and community services
What are the requirements?

  • Positive attitude
  • Devoted to school and community
  • B” or better grade point average

The National Junior Beta Club is an educational organization for students in grades 5-9. Membership in Beta signifies that “the student has been approved by the administration of the school as a student of good character and mentality, creditable achievement, and commendable attitude – a student worthy of special recognition.”

The Beta motto, “let us lead by serving others,” has been the inspiration of thousands of young people – and adult leaders – for seventy years. It demands the best efforts of all who are associated with the organization and rewards them with the pride found only in achievement of worthwhile goals.

By-Laws of the Kehoe-France Northshore School Chapter

Members will be selected from grades 5-7.

The scholastic requirement for membership – overall “B” average.

One time membership fee is $24.00.

The officers to be elected for this club will come from the seventh grade.

(President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Reporter, and Parliamentarian). Failure to maintain an overall “B” average each nine weeks results in resignation, to member only status.

The club will meet at least once a month. (30-45 minutes in lunchroom Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday)

A member may be placed on probation each nine weeks for the following reasons:

Excessive absences


“D” or “F” on report card

Moral or disciplinary reasons by discretion of sponsors and principal

A student receives a detention

Membership will be terminated for that school year if:

A member is placed on probation two nine weeks in a row

A member is placed on probation for more than one infraction a nine weeks

A member receives two detentions

A member receives a suspension


Service Activities:

Adopting a family during the Winter Holidays

Donating to organizations (American Red Cross, Hurricane Relief, etc.)

Cards for local nursing homes (all Holidays)

Volunteering for various school activities

Playbill – Drama Club

Mary Bird Perkins – Pink Walk

CCFA – Crohn’s Foundation