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8 Weeks to 7th Grade

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Our Promises



Your child(ren) will experience a well-balanced, innovative education.


Students will be presented with opportunities to become independent life-long learners who have the confidence to become productive members of a global society.

  • All students will be challenged to achieve their fullest potential in a supportive educational environment. 
  • Academic success is promoted so that learning will become a lifetime pattern. 
  • We will partner with parents to develop a good working relationship for maximum student growth.
  • Learning opportunities will be provided which allows students to be actively involved in the process of meaning and knowledge construction which engages students to think for themselves and take responsibility for their learning.


Your child(ren) will learn in a safe and nurturing environment.


Our low student to teacher ratio allows for plenty of individualized attention and interaction in an aesthetically pleasing, safe and clean indoor and outdoor environment. 

  • Individual student needs will be addressed.
  • We will ensure educational success with clear and continual communication among parents, teachers and administration.
  • Positive relationships will be fostered within the school community and parental involvement encouraged.
  • We will maintain an organized and efficient educational environment conducive to learning.


Your child(ren) will value themselves and others. 


The student will recognize and value his/her own uniqueness with opportunities to investigate and seek out areas of particular interests through participation in curricular and extracurricular activities. Students will demonstrate an appreciation of all cultures with an emphasis on the dignity and importance of every individual. 

  • Students will respect and embrace individual differences and diversity within the community. 
  • Taking an active role in service opportunities in the school and community will be encouraged and supported. 
  • Students will demonstrate fairness in judgements and actions and be honest with themselves and others. 
  • Students will take ownership of their behavior as individuals and have the courage to think and act independently.