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8 Weeks to 7th Grade

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Early Childhood



(Little Eagles - 2 Years Old)

Learning begins at Kehoe-France Northshore in early childhood with infants (eight weeks old) through two-year-olds.   Kehoe-France Northshore provides a safe and welcoming school environment to develop young children. We strive to teach children how to socialize, interact, and respect others, expand each child’s awareness of the world and aid them in their understanding of it.  We acknowledge and encourage each child’s development of skills and build their confidence and independence by offering children the opportunities for hands-on exploration and discovery. This helps build lifelong critical thinking skills. Using the Creative Curriculum, which is a play-based, individualized, supportive, and effective curriculum, our teachers address all important areas of learning and support every type of learner.

Included with the Creative Curriculum is Teaching Strategies GOLD, which is an authentic, ongoing observational system for assessing children from birth through three years of age.  It is based on objectives that include predictors of school success. Our teachers observe children in the context of everyday experiences, which is an effective way to assess young children, understand them, and help them grow in a supportive environment.

The Learning Environment and Our Staff

It is important at Kehoe-France Northshore that we provide an aesthetically pleasing, safe and sanitary, indoor, and outdoor learning environment for children.  Our indoor learning spaces are divided into well-defined interest areas that encourage distinctive types of play and promote creativity, imagination, cognitive, social, and emotional development.  These areas are flexible and are full of materials and manipulatives that promote fun, hands-on learning. Outdoors, the children have the opportunity to run, play, climb, and interact on developmentally appropriate playground equipment.

In every classroom, there is a lead teacher and at least one or more assistants.  Our low student to teacher ratio allows for plenty of individualized attention and interaction.  Our teachers are qualified professionals that work hard to ensure their classrooms serve as a learning community.  They build a strong, positive relationship with each child, help the children learn to work and play with others, and aid children in developing positive peer relationships and friendships.  Teachers guide children’s behavior using positive guidance strategies and support learning throughout every part of the day. They are intentional and responsive to the needs of the children providing them with a consistent, respectful learning environment.

The Daily Curriculum

Children receive a daily routine that supports active learning through play.  The school day is divided into both small and large group meetings, the choice time when the children interact in play-based centers, snack and lunchtimes, read-alouds, outdoor play, music and rest time.  Throughout all of these learning periods, children are engaging in activities that help them develop and build a strong foundation in language, physical and social-emotional skills, literacy, and mathematics. 

In addition, the curriculum is rich with learning experiences that incorporate children’s home values, cultures and family traditions, social-emotional strategies for building relationships and increasing children’s comfort and confidence at school, instructional strategies to facilitate receptive and expressive language acquisition and understanding, and strategies for promoting comprehension during read-aloud time.

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