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8 Weeks to 7th Grade
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In Focus at Kehoe-France


ISP: Kehoe-France

We are extremely pleased to announce that we have joined the International Schools Partnership.

The development of Kehoe-France as one of the top private schools in Covington, LA will be greatly enhanced by its inclusion within a group of schools that can deepen the range of experience and support available. The International Schools Partnership, a leading educational provider, will take our school forward to its next phase of development. We as a family feel that now is the right time to bring in new investors such as International Schools Partnership in order to help take our camps and schools into the future.

International Schools Partnership has been attracted by our philosophy and priorities and is committed to fostering them. The experience of their team in running prestigious schools around the world ensures that our school can benefit from inclusion in their existing and developing programs.

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Max Gold is on the cusp of the next phase of his life — his college career. It is something he looks forward to and feels fully prepared to tackle, much like he has tackled so many other areas of his life. As co-valedictorian of St. Paul’s graduating class of 2015, Max has exuded the qualities of an academic powerhouse and leader throughout his high school career. He attributes much of his ability to follow through on his success to his years at Kehoe-France Northshore (KFN). “I came out of KFN prepared for St. Paul’s, and for high school in general,” he states. “The teachers take it seriously. They encourage you not only to do your work, but to do it well.” Max remembers the bar being set high at a very young age, and an edu... continue reading

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