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8 Weeks to 7th Grade
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Lunch Info/Menu

Lunch Program

Little Eagles & PP1yr old students are provided beverage, snack and lunch covered by their activity fee.  Parents of infants or children who have specific diet needs which may include special baby/toddler food and formula should bring these items to school with their child daily.

Kehoe-France Northshore has a required prepaid drink program for all preschool students PP2-Kdg. They will receive 3 beverages a day (morning, lunch & snack time). Milk will be served every day at lunch and fruit juices will be served in the morning and in the afternoon.  Lunch is optional and includes required beverage.  Kehoe-France does not allow lunches from a restaurant or fast food establishment to be brought to school.

Prepaid lunch program is provided by Piccadilly Cafeterias and includes a hot lunch and beverage. Students have an option of the main daily entrée, sandwich or salad bar with side item and dessert choice. A copy of the menu will be available each month on the website.

Snack – PP2-Kdg. students alternate bringing snack for their class.  Teacher will provide schedule 1st week of school. 1st-7th grade can purchase snacks on a daily basis from the cafeteria for $1. We will not be doing a prepayment program for snacks.

10 day pass- A 10 day pass is available for any student who does not want to purchase the entire semester. The pass can be used for any lunch day and additional passes can be purchased through the office. 10 day passes do not carry over to the next school year.


April Menu



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