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8 Weeks to 7th Grade
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Carline Info

The safe arrival and dismissal of the students is a primary concern of Kehoe-France.  After consulting with the Chief of Police and Mayor of Covington, it was determined that the best way to flow traffic for morning drop off and afternoon pickup is as follows:                                     

Morning carline begins at 7:40 am for all students.  Afternoon carline begins at 2:50 pm for PreK-2 – Kindergarten and 3:05 pm for grades 1-7. 

AM - Cars coming down 15th Street must go 1 block past Patricia and turn left on Michelle.  Go down Michelle and take a left on Patricia and enter the drive at the end of the field so that your child(ren) will exit from the driver side of your car. If you are walking your child to class, please park in the parking lot and not the circle drive.

PM - Students being picked up at the 3:05 pm carline (1st -7th) should not arrive during Pre-K carline (2:50 pm) for this will delay the flow of traffic. Please put first and last name of the children in your car on a carpool sign.  Place in window visible to duty teacher.  Please use an open file folder, 12 x 18 to print last name. The preschool children will be walked to your car and the driver is responsible for putting the children in the car.  For grades 1 – 7, when all vehicles have entered the area and are at a complete standstill, the students will be dismissed to enter their respective vehicle on the driver’s side.  Please do not leave vehicle from carline to look for your child. Please notify the office if someone other than the regular driver is picking up your child(ren). All students will be sent to extended care if not picked up by 3:30 pm

For the safety of our students, please do not pass cars in carline.

Little Eagles and 1 year olds are dismissed from their classroom.

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