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October 13, 2015
By webmaster

Max Gold is on the cusp of the next phase of his life — his college career. It is something he looks forward to and feels fully prepared to tackle, much like he has tackled so many other areas of his life. As co-valedictorian of St. Paul’s graduating class of 2015, Max has exuded the qualities of an academic powerhouse and leader throughout his high school career. He attributes much of his ability to follow through on his success to his years at Kehoe-France Northshore (KFN). “I came out of KFN prepared for St. Paul’s, and for high school in general,” he states. “The teachers take it seriously. They encourage you not only to do your work, but to do it well.”

Max remembers the bar being set high at a very young age, and an education that encompassed not just academics, but relationship building, social skills and etiquette. “The teachers definitely had high expectations of us. They made sure the kids were held accountable and that they did their work well,” he remembers. “Through the KFN experience, so much of what you learn is about etiquette, manners, social interaction, and socially acceptable behavior.” These qualities, Max went on to say, are essential in preparing young, impressionable children for a successful future. “They start from such a young age and they focus on more time for the positive messages to soak in and take hold.”

Relationship building was also a foundational component of Kehoe-France, according to Max. “In addition to the learning and study habits we gained, we also learned to make quality friends,” he notes. “The atmosphere was so conducive to forming friendships — I am still friends today with so many people from Kehoe-France.” In fact, Max will share the valedictorian spotlight with fellow Kehoe-France alum, Connor Lu.

Exceptional writing skills were another by product of Max’s education at Kehoe-France. These writing skills proved for Max to be an essential tool both in high school and in the college applications process. He was required to write an essay in a competitive scholarship application process and he was awarded the Johnson Scholarship — a full tuition scholarship — to Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia. “That is why I think it’s so important that people choose a school like Kehoe-France. It is a place where you know you’ll be prepared for whatever you plan to do. I am extremely grateful for the decision that my parents made to send me to Kehoe-France,” he says. “It was a great decision and it was pivotal in getting me to where I am today.”

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10/13/15 - By webmaster
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